Self-Help workshops

Clicking on one of the links below will take you to a flyer about workshops held at courthouses in Santa Clara County, to help you with certain kinds of cases. See the flyers for information about times, dates, etc.

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Divorce Workshop

How to start or respond to a divorce or legal separation.

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Unmarried Parents Workshop

How to start a court case about custody, visitation, or support, and get a judgment about who a child's parents are.

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Get a Court Hearing Workshop

How to fill out, file and serve Request for Order forms for new or changed custody or visitation orders, or for a new support order.

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limited conservatorship workshop

Limited Conservatorship Workshop

The Self-Help Center conducts a monthly workshop. They may be able to help you fill out the court forms that ask a Judge to order that you are a developmentally disabled person's conservator.

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Preliminary Declaration of Disclosures Workshop

How to fill out, file and serve the Preliminary Declaration of Disclosure forms required in divorce, legal separation and nullity cases

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