Restraining Order Resources

The resources on this page can help with restraining orders and the situations that make the necessary, including domestic violence (DV), elder abuse, and other types of abuse and harassment.

Resources on this page, related to abuse:

  1. Victim crisis support and shelters
  2. Treatment programs victims and batterers
  3. Elder abuse prevention/reporting resources
  4. More resources
  1. Victim Crisis Support and Shelters

    Asian Women's Home (AACI)  San Jose: English, Cambodian, Cantonese, Korean, Lao-Mien, Laotian, Mandarin, Tagalog, Thai, Vietnamese. 24-hour crisis line. Office: 408/975-2730  Crisis: 408/975-2739 
    Community Solutions  Located in Gilroy. English, Spanish, La Isla Pacifica. 24-hour crisis line. Court-referred services: 408/846-4715 
    Office: 408/779-2113  Crisis: 408/683-4118 
    MAITRI  Crisis line, counseling, transitional housing. Located in Sunnyvale (English, South Asian Languages) 408/436-8393  (office) 408/436-8398  or
    (crisis line staffed 9-1)
    National Domestic Violence Hotline Call any time   800/799-SAFE 
    Next Door Solutions to Domestic Violence  Central County: English, Spanish, Persian. 24-hour crisis line. Transitional housing for women and children who are victims of domestic violence. Office: 408/501-7550  Crisis: 408/279-2962 
    (toll-free hotline:
    800/799-SAFE )
    S.A.V.E.   Located in Fremont. English, Spanish. 24-hour crisis line. Shelter services, counseling, children's program. Office: 510/574-2250  Crisis: 510/794-6055 
    Support Network for Battered Women  Located at 1257 Tasman Drive, Suite C, Sunnyvale, CA 94089; English, Spanish 24 hours; Cantonese/Mandarin weekdays. Crisis: 800/572-2782  Office: 408/541-6100  Fax: 408/541-1333
    Woman, Inc. For updated information on shelter vacancies. Spanish 415/864-4722 
    Women's Crisis Support Located in Santa Cruz. English, Spanish. 24-hour crisis line. Legal and shelter services. Office: 831/425-4030  Crisis: 831/685-3737 

  2. Treatment Programs for Victims and Batterers

    Most of the organizations listed above provide counseling, or counseling referrals. For additional counseling resources, see below.

    CHAC (Community Health Awareness Council)  Individual, group (Latino women's) and family counseling. Eng., Span., Mandarin and Cantonese (sliding fee). Located at 711 Church St. Mt. View CA 650/965-2020 
    English, Spanish. Women's groups. 408/846-4715 (court referred services)
    408/842-7138  (general)

    408/683-4118 (crisis)

    Domestic Violence Counseling & Intervention Services English. Women's groups. 408/261-5890 
    Family Service Mid-peninsula English, Spanish. Women's groups. 650/326-6576 
    Harbor Light Counseling English. Heterosexual, Gay, Lesbian. Women's groups 408/297-3143 
    Lighthouse Counseling Center English, Spanish. Learning disabled. 408/264-5877 
    MAITRI  Referral Service for South Asia women. Located in Sunnyvale 408/436-8393  (office) 408/436-8398  or
    (crisis line staffed 9-1)
    New Beginnings English only 408/615-7865 
    Proyecto Primavera English, Spanish, Vietnamese. Women's groups. 408/278-9031 
    Santa Clara County Department of Family and Children's Services English, Spanish, Tagalog. D.F.C.S., Juvenile Court clients. 408/441-5682 
    Tino Esparza Community Counseling Spanish. Women's groups. 408/296-3998 
    Turning Point Counseling & Educational Services English, Spanish, Cantonese. Women's groups. 408/739-2171 

  3. Elder Abuse Prevention/Reporting Resources (Local, State, and National)

  4. More Resources

    In addition to the resources above, resources for families can also be found on this website on the following pages:

    You may also want to check the County's page on DV resources 

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