Copy of Divorce Records faq

How can I get copies of a divorce case?

To get copies of divorce documents, go to the courthouse and ask for a copy, or send a request through the mail.

To visit the courthouse or send a request by mail, see directions, addresses and business hours on the Family Courthouse page.

To ask for a copy by mail, send us:

  • Your written request
  • A check payable to the Superior Court, and
  • A self-addressed stamped legal-sized envelope.

To know the amount of the check, look under "Preparing a copy of any record, proceeding or paper on file" in the certification and copy fees section of the local fee schedule  linked to the Court's Fees page. There is an additional charge for a certified copy. See "Certified copy of marriage or domestic partnership dissolution record (requested by any other applicant)" in the certification and copy fees section of the fee schedule.

To locate your divorce papers, the Court will need the case number. If you do not know your divorce case number, you can try looking up your case online by doing an index search on the Court's Case Information Portal , searching for your or your spouse's name ("party name") at the time of the divorce. Generally, divorce records for the last 10 years are on this website.

If you cannot find your case online, the Court can look up this information for a small fee. See "Searching records or files, for each search longer than 10 minutes" in the certification and copy fees section of the local fee schedule  for the current amount of this fee.

Send the Court as much information as you can in your request for your records. This will help us do a thorough search and get you the information you need.

Mail your request, check and envelope to the mailing address on the Family Courthouse page. Or, bring the information to the counter at the Clerk's Office at the Family Courthouse or the Record's division at DTS (Downtown Superior Court).


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