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IF YOU ARE QUALIFIED AND ABLE TO SERVE, please see reporting instructions below:

The weekend prior to your service week, click on the button below or call the jury line at (408) 808-6666, to receive your jury service reporting instructions. You will need your GROUP NUMBER to find out when and where to report.

WEBSITE: You may also select juror instructions

NOTE: All jurors must log into ejuror and verify or update your demographic information.


IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO SERVE, and are requesting a Disqualification, Excuse or Postponement:

REQUEST FOR DISQUALIFICATION OR EXCUSE: If you are not qualified for jury service or you would like to request an excuse, please submit your request through the Prospective Juror Login website below.

*** Scroll down to the bottom of the page to view information regarding Extreme Financial Hardship Excuses.

REQUEST FOR POSTPONEMENT: If you would like to request a postponement, and it’s at least 10 days before your service week begins, please submit your request through the Prospective Juror Login website below.

juror instructions

NOTE: Jurors are only allowed one postponement during the service year. There is no jury service on weekends and Court Holidays. If you have been summoned to a week that you are not available, please select a Monday date of a different week that you are eligible to serve on your postponement request.

Students: Full-time students are expected to postpone their jury service to a week that they are on school break.


*** Extreme Financial Hardship Excuses can ONLY be granted by a Judge. Do not submit this type of request to the Jury Commissioner's Office. It will be denied.

If you are instructed to report during your assigned week, you will have the opportunity to make this request in person before a Judge. When you report, please bring your company’s written policy on jury duty to the Court. Please contact your company's HR or Payroll Division when you receive this Jury Summons so that they have sufficient time to provide you with documentation of their pay policy for jury duty. The Court will ask you the following information:

1. Does your company pay for jury duty?

2. If so, how many days does your company pay for jury duty?

Not being paid by your employer or being self-employed will be considered, but does not mean that you will be automatically excused.

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