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Media Request to Photograph, Record, or Broadcast, and Order on Media Request to Permit Coverage:

Cameras in the Courthouse Policy

The policies governing the use of cameras and other recording devices inside Santa Clara County courthouses are contained in the California Rules of Court (Rule 1.150) , and in the Superior Court of California, County of Santa Clara General Court and Administration Rules of Court (Rule 2).

Rule 1.150  essentially states that courtroom proceedings shall not be photographed, recorded or broadcast, except in cases where a judge specifically orders that such coverage be allowed. Rule 1.150  goes on to state that requests for such coverage must be submitted on a form approved by the Judicial Council , and must be accompanied by an order to be signed by the judge, either granting or denying the request (State Forms MC-500 and MC-510 ).

Rule 2 of the local General Court and Administration Rules of Court sets forth this court’s requirements regarding media coverage inside the courthouse. In addition to restating the applicability of State Rule of Court 1.150  with regard to courtroom proceedings, Rule 2 of the local General Court and Administration Rules of Court also states that media organizations must obtain written permission (using State Forms MC-500  and MC-510 ) from the Presiding Judge or from the Supervising Judge of a courthouse to photograph, record or broadcast in areas other than a specific courtroom (halls, lobbies, stairwells, etc.).

Beginning in October 2012 (with full implementation expected by January 2013), the Court is transitioning to electronic submissions for all MC-500  and MC-510  forms.

Media organizations wishing to record or broadcast court proceedings shall submit the required State forms (MC-500  and MC-510  ) via email to Faxes to the PIO and in-person submissions to the Clerk’s Office (in the division of the Court where the request is directed) will still be accepted until January 1, 2013.

However, due to the volume of requests and limited staff resources, media outlets are strongly encouraged to send MC-500  and MC-510  forms to, especially for same-day or next-day media requests.

To help simplify the process, the Court is now accepting electronic signatures on the MC-500. Simply typing one’s first and last name into the signature field of the MC-500 will constitute an electronic signature. This transition to electronic signatures ensures that media outlets will not need to scan the MC-500 and MC-510 forms before submitting to the Court.

An electronic copy of the signed, stamped order will be returned to the requestor’s originating email address, though the Court will make its best attempt at returning signed, stamped orders to all those in the cc line of the originating email.

For policies, procedures, and laws related to the Court and the media, see our News & Media home page.

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