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Placement Questionnaire

Please use the questionnaire below to submit your areas of interest as a Temporary Judge. You should resubmit this form to the Court if your availability or preferences change over time.

Last name: Your last name is required.  Bar number: A value is required.

First name: Your first name is required.

See information on courthouse locations on our Courthouse web page, or use the interactive Google map.

 Superior Court Case Types and Locations:

I am willing to serve on the following types of cases at the locations selected below:
Civil (*Civil settlement conferences typically occur on Wednesdays):
Downtown Superior Court   Old Courthouse

Family (**Family settlement conferences typically occur on Mondays):
Family Court   Notre Dame   South County   Sunnyvale

Small Claims:
Palo Alto   Downtown Superior Court   South County

Palo Alto   Santa Clara   South County


To assist the Court in the scheduling and best usage of our Temporary Judges in the Civil and Family Courts, please indicate your areas of specialization below (check all that apply):


PI- Personal Injury
BL - Business Litigation
EP - Employment Practices
CL - Communications Litigation
IPL - Intellectual Property Litigation
RPL - Real Property Litigation
CDL - Construction Defect Litigation
T - Torts
ED - Eminent Domain
MM - Medical Malpractice
PM - Professional Malpractice

Family Court:

SC - Mandatory Settlement Conference
ENE - Early Neutral Evaluation
SOC - Settlement Officer Conference
PD - Property Division
DH - Default Hearings
DCSS - Commissioner Calendar

Availability: Please indicate your preferences:

Monday** All day Morning Afternoon  
Tuesday All day Morning Afternoon Evening (Sm Clms/Traffic)
Wednesday* All day Morning Afternoon Evening (Traffic)
Thursday All day Morning Afternoon Evening (Traffic)
Friday All day Morning Afternoon  

Additional information:

Please let us know any other information that will help with scheduling, such as scheduled vacations, leaves, conferences, etc.

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