Interns & Volunteers

The following two types of positions are available:

Self-Help Center ASSISTANT VOLUNTEERS provide information to self-represented litigants. Attorneys, law students and paralegals are encouraged to apply. Contact Human Resources (408-882-2710 ) for more information.

JUDICIAL INTERNS work with or provide research support for a judge or court program (law students and selected college students). To qualify candidates must be enrolled in a college degree program that is related to the internship. Interns must have the required skills and educational background for the position. In many cases, interns will receive credit toward their degree, but in all cases the internships are designed to provide relevant experiential learning in one or more of the courts program departments.

  • Activities of Judicial Interns vary by program. Some typical activities by program are:
  • “Law Clerk” Internships – Interns work with a judge on the cases, issues, and programs of that judge and the specific department. Law school students only.
  • Legal Research Internships – Interns work with the court’s research attorneys to provide legal research support to judicial officers. These internships are limited to 2nd and 3rd year law students.
  • Program Research Internships – Positions can be in any area of the court where collection, analysis and reporting of information is an objective. Graduate students in various social science fields, law students and upper division undergraduates in some cases.
  • Other Internships – The courts are committed to providing internship opportunities that afford students the chance to learn-by-doing while giving the courts the benefits of youthful and energetic assistance. Additional internships will be announced whenever they are defined. An example is the JusticeCorps .

Time Commitment and Hours of Service: Interns generally are asked to commit for a minimum of three months and at least 16 hours per week; however, this is flexible. The hours of service are normally court hours (8 am - 5 pm), but may vary. Interns are expected to work shifts of not less than 4 hours. Parking for Interns is only available at select facilities – we encourage the use of public transit, or other commute alternatives (see  ).

To Apply for a Judicial Internship:

If there are current openings for the position of Judicial Intern I or II, you will be able to read a description of qualifications and apply using our court employment page. Click on the employment page link below: 

Contact Human Resources (408-882-2710 ) or for more information.

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