ADA (disability accommodation) Information

Access for Disabled Persons - Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

photo of woman inside a building in a wheelchair

It is the policy of Superior Court of California, County of Santa Clara to assure that qualified individuals with disabilities have equal and full access to the judicial system.

If special accommodation is needed, the Court may provide aids and services, like assistive listening devices. If you need an accommodation, write, call or visit the courthouse where your case will be, to let the Court know what you need. (See the list of courthouse locations with mailing addresses ). Try to do this at least 5 days before your court date. The Court cannot make accommodations that would change the nature of our services, activities or programs, or that would cause undue financial or administrative burdens. The law does not require the Court to make these kinds of changes.

The email contact for the Court's ADA Coordinator is

Here are some helpful documents related to ADA and access:

Accessible Court Telephone Numbers 

  TDD# ADA Request  Phone Number
ADA Coordinator (408) 882-2787 Georgia Ku (email) (408) 882-2700
ADA Information by Courthouse

Downtown Courthouse

  • (408) 882-2690
  • (408) 882-2591
  • (408) 882-2697
  • Clerk's Office
  • Jury Office
  • Small Claims
  • (408) 882-2100
  • (408) 882-2100
  • (408) 882-2100
Hall of Justice (408) 808-6626 Clerk’s Office

(408) 808-6600

Juvenile Justice (408) 808-6262 Clerk’s Office (408) 808-6200
Old Courthouse (408) 882-2690 Clerk’s Office (DTS) (408) 882-2100
Palo Alto Courthouse (650) 470-3921 Clerk’s Office (650) 462-3800
Santa Clara Courthouse - Traffic Court (408) 556-3093   Clerk’s Office (408) 556-3000
South County Courthouse (408) 695-5199 Clerk’s Office (408) 695-5000
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